John James banned

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  • 6 July 2010

John James

John James was disqualified from the Ride To Nowhere task on 'Big Brother' for swearing

John James and Corin were banned from a task in 'Big Brother'.

The Australian hunk was the first to be disqualified from the Ride To Nowhere task after using a profanity - despite claiming he could not remember doing it - before he even had the opportunity to get on his fairground ride.

Upon entering the house after his disqualification, Nathan comforted John James, saying: "At the end of the day with swearers like us, you don't even notice you're doing it."

Fellow contestants David and Corin continued with their fairground rides - while dressed as a pilot and a sailor respectively - although both got confused about who won the task when Welsh minister David fell off the back of his ride.

After Corin shouted: "I've won, I've won!" a perplexed David responded: "I didn't let go, I was still on it. This thing's a liability, get the health and safety out here... this is very uncomfortable but I'll endure it 'til the end."

Big Brother then temporarily suspended the challenge and the pair agreed to toss a coin to see who won.

However, it was then announced Corin had also sworn and would be disqualified, leading to confusion over who had won the task.

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