Shabby quits Big Brother

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 July 2010


Aspiring actress Shabby walked out of the 'Big Brother' house today (05.07.10), following a pact she and Caoimhe made last night after a row with Ife

Shabby has quit 'Big Brother'.

The 24-year-old aspiring actress left the Channel 4 compound at 3.08 pm today (05.07.10) after continually telling Big Brother she wanted to go.

The former child star went over to the Diary Room without saying goodbye to her fellow housemates, and told the camera: "Ready when you are."

The squatter and her pal Caoimhe - who Shabby recently declared she was in love with - visited the Diary Room last night following a row with Ife, where they revealed their plans to leave.

Last night (04.07.10) Shabby fumed: "I'm not going to be treated like this. Has anybody come to us to ask if we're alright? No they fucking haven't. I just don't know if I can stay here and allow people to nominate me for reasons that aren't valid. They can't make a fool out of me."

The girls came under fire by their roommates yesterday after Ife scolded them for laughing at her when her wig fell off during a task.

Following numerous discussions and a late-night chat with Big Brother, the pair were seemingly happy with their decision to go.

Shabby said: "I am so relieved. It feels so good they are putting oil on the wheels."

Earlier today, pretty Irish student Caoimhe told Ben she would probably stay in the house for at least one more day.

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