Erin Judge plays Glasgow dates at The Thursday Show

Erin Judge plays Glasgow dates at The Thursday Show

We may speak the same lingo but for American comedians making their first journey over the pond, they’ve got to get the cultural references right or risk dying on their fanny (US for ‘arse’). Ahead of her visit to Scotland, observational stand-up Erin Judge had gigged in Ireland so it gave her a chance to discover which Americanisms were known to us over here in Europe and which weren’t. ‘I grabbed the woman who was working the door just before the gig. I went up and asked her if they knew anything about softball, and she said not really. Then I asked if they knew what a chemistry set was, and she looked at me like I was insane and said, “Yeah, it’s a chemistry set”.’

The Brooklyn-based comic has been gigging for a number of years and has featured on Comedy Central but her driving obsession with the art of funny is rooted way back. ‘I love comedy, and I’ve always been obsessed with stand-up,’ says Judge, though it took a little while for her to cotton on to the fact that it was something she could get up on stage and do herself. ‘I used to sing in the choir in high school, even though I mostly hated it. I would sign up every year thinking, “Why am I doing this again? It’s so lame”. Finally, it dawned on me some time during my university years that what I loved about it was performing. I switched over to comedy and never looked back.’

Best get that checklist out then: sidewalk/pavement, soccer/football, tomayto/tomarto...

The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 22–Sat 24 Jul

The Thursday Show

Lovely tall Scott Agnew hosts this weekend, with Patrick Rolink, Chris Henry, Erin Judge and the offbeat charms of James Dowdeswell.

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