Doc Daneeka set for Fortified vs Stay Plastic

Doc Daneeka set for Fortified vs Stay Plastic

This isn’t, as you may have already anticipated, the character from Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 who actually knows what Catch 22 is. Instead, Swansea producer Mial Watkins is one of the rising stars of the UK clubbing scene, although which scene we’re not entirely sure. Once described as ‘post-garage’, he also merges elements of Chicago house, UK funky and even a little bassline into his set. We suggest you track down his ‘Deadly Rhythm’ EP, check out his Ten Thousand Yen imprint and, what the hell, go hear him play.

Fortified vs Stay Plastic at La Cheetah, Glasgow, Fri 16 Jul.

Fortified vs Stay Plastic

Fortified and Stay Plastic go head to head for the first time to bring you one of the UK's most talked about producers, Doc Daneeka (PTN, Ten Thousand Yen, Tres Cool), for his first Glasgow appearance. Gostwan, Wardy and Sidrad provide support.

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