Mightyfools visit Muck and Dirty Noise


Anyone who can turn Owl City’s garish ‘Fireflies’ into a dancefloor-crushing bassline monster demands our attention. Not that Dutch duo Andy Samin and Jelle Keizer wouldn’t do that anyway. From the ‘Partyjunkies’ EP onwards (er, a sample from the standout track ‘Amsterdam’: ‘I drank too much, I overdid it on the booze’), the pair have gained a reputation for raucous and action-packed sets which mix bass, rave and electro in hyperactive fashion. Just look at that picture. They’re having fun, right?

Muck and Dirty Noise at Stereo, Glasgow, Thu 22 Jul.

Muck and Dirty Noise

House, techno and electro sounds with resident sounds and visuals from PMcQ, Go-Dirty, Digital Stitch, Martin What?, Joe Crogan and Mediaheroic. Fri 4 Feb: Featuring a debut Scottish performance from Australia's Light Year (Bang Gang).

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