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  • 5 July 2010
Housemates in the basketball task

Housemates in the basketball task

Things have taken a turn for the worse in the 'Big Brother' house, after half the housemates turned the bedroom into a fort

The 'Big Brother' housemates have become increasingly divided after half the group turned the bedroom into a fort.

Steve, John James, Nathan, Ife and Corin were awarded a party last night (04.07.10) after successfully completing the basketball task, leaving the rest of the housemates locked in the bedroom.

The creation of the fort began when aspiring actress Shabby and student Caoimhe began throwing some of their possessions into the middle of the room.

The group - who had become bored after being trapped in the bedroom while their fellow housemates partied away - then had a pile-up on Josie, with pillows, duvets and even mattresses being thrown into the centre of the room.

Josie commented: "I'm having such a magnificent time in here."

However, the housemates on the other side of the divide were not so thrilled with their actions. John James was particularly annoyed, as he had just asked Big Brother if the party could be opened up to everyone.

Steve said: "It's f*****g immature."

While Corin shouted through the window: "That's p****d me off, don't mess with my f*****g things."

The bedroom group were confused as to what they had done to anger their fellow housemates, but Ben suggested the others were lacking a "sense of humour", which is why they weren't enjoying their party.

He said: "It's a divide between those with a sense of humour and those without.

"It's the worst party ever. It's worse than the Boston Tea Party!"

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