Ife's friendship tears

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  • 5 July 2010
Ife, who scored the winning goal


'Big Brother' friendship group Ife, Caoimhe and Shabby have started to fall apart after Ife accused the other two of ''cringing'' when her wig fell off while she was dancing

Ife burst into tears at a party in the 'Big Brother' house.

The house was split into two teams for a basketball task with the winning team awarded with a party.

However when Ife's wig fell off while dancing to Tina Turner, Shabby and Caoimhe began laughing and gesturing, causing the 25-year-old dancer to become upset.

She said: "They're f**king bitches. The kind of girls I run away from. They're supposed to be my friends, going 'cringe cringe'.

"They always get on their high horse saying, 'We're real.' What, because you're so insensitive and rude because you can throw a table? No, that's you being 12."

When the house became further divided following the building of a fort in the bedroom, Shabby asked Ife through the bedroom window why she was upset.

Ife said: "You know I don't like to be cringed." To which Shabby replied: "Ife, we were joking."

Later in the garden Ife continued to be angry, and admitted she was more angry and Irish contestant Caoimhe.

She said: "No one takes the p**s out of me. F**k off, little b***hy girls. Caoimhe is worse than Shabby. You could tell Shabby felt bad."

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