Alex Marsh - Sex & Bowls & Rock & Roll (3 stars)

Alex Marsh - Sex & Bowls & Rock & Roll

(The Friday Project)

Pooterish internet celebrity Alex Marsh ( features the adultescent concerns of that modern publishing anomaly, the hobbyist’s memoir (yeah, thanks Mr Hornby), in this book about rock’n’roll dreams being subsumed by sport. That his band majored in what can best be described as Essex pub rock and the sport was lawn bowls tells you everything you need to know about Marsh’s book. His inoffensive, mildly amusing reminiscences are effectively montaged (or the literary equivalent) to climactic effect as hope and talent turn into smalltown eccentricity.

That Sex & Bowls & Rock & Roll is an easy read may be because it is the edited highlights of Marsh’s alarmingly personal blog (he lives in rural Norfolk: who else is he going to moan to?). He has a few nice lines and a good take on human frailty, not least his own, but it’s difficult to care.

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