Various (4 stars)

Hallam Foe: Original Soundtrack

Drawn fully from the diverse and brilliant stable at Domino records, the soundtrack to David Mackenzie’s forthcoming Scot flick Hallam Foe could hardly go far wrong.

The local contingent is naturally represented in force: Orange Juice, UNPOC and James Yorkston, among others, all lend tunes, as do Franz Ferdinand with the only bespoke track on the album – loungey newey ‘Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow’. Canadian duo Junior Boys’ ‘Double Shadow’ adds a glitchy electro-soul edge; clicking, plaintive ditty ‘Tricycle’ by Psapp is the soft-centred standout. How it’ll all work in the context of the film remains to be seen, but taken on its own merits this is a fine collection.

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