BB Ben rows over lies

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  • 4 July 2010
Big Brother housemate Ben

BB Ben

Ben has outraged his fellow 'Big Brother' housemates after it was revealed he lied to them about his secret task, after video footage was played into the house

Ben has outraged his 'Big Brother' housemates by lying to them about his secret task.

Footage of the posh Londoner receiving his challenge from the Tree of Temptation - where he had to challenge his roommates to an arm-wrestling match - was played into the house last night (03.06.10), with many being furious he hadn't tried hard enough and had lied to them about what the challenge was.

Ben had told his housemates he failed his secret task because the Tree had ordered him to steal Shabby's hats.

However, the truth came out when they the video clip was played back.

Furious John James said: "That was the easiest task ever."

Dave added: "You didn't even try. So basically you just couldn't be bothered to do anything?"

The writer-and-broadcaster was adamant the challenge was harder than it seemed.

He said: "People wouldn't have done it. It's difficult enough to organise a game of rounders."

While Steve replied: "Liar, liar, pants on fire."

Discussions of Ben's fibs went on late into the evening, with Christian minister Dave apparently the most outraged.

He later exclaimed: "He made out it was a personal thing, that he had to go robbing - you lied."

The video footage was played into the house as part of Ben's punishment for failing the task the Tree had set him.

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