Turbo Negro (3 stars)


The ultimate Viking rock raiding party, Turbonegro are here for your women (and boys), drugs and booze. Norway’s premier deathpunk act plays fast and loose with their morals and their riffs.

Their oeuvre is a Scandinavian stew of glam rock, metal, humour, denim and leather. You have to respect any album that includes such titles as ‘Everybody Loves a Chubby Dude’ and ‘Stroke the Shaft’. But ‘What is Rock!?’ is their opus, a paean to the music they have sold their soul for (‘rock is the possibility of choking on your own vomit in the back of a rapist’s van’ and ‘denim clad Satanists making love in the sewers of Birmingham during Maggie Thatcher’s prime’, are just two of the possible answers). While it never matches the sleazy feral power of Apocalypse Dudes this is still the essential soundtrack to homoerotic brawling with biker gangs.

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