Food fan Sarah Harding

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  • 3 July 2010
Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding

Girls Aloud beauty Sarah Harding loves food and is happy to indulge in her favourite treats when she craves them

Sarah Harding refuses to deny herself her favourite foods.

The 28-year-old Girls Aloud beauty is always happy to give into her cravings because she watches what she eats most of the time.

She said: "I tend to eat what my body feels like it needs. I like my sugar. If you're eating really well most of the time, there's no reason not to have something you fancy".

Sarah - who is in a relationship with Tom Crane - thinks their relationship works well because both she and the DJ are passionate about food and cooking.

She added: "I love food. My boyfriend and I cook at home together and love going to restaurants. We're both very good in the kitchen.

"Dinner is my favourite meal. If I eat too much for lunch I don't enjoy my dinner. I'll have a spaghetti bolognaise, Chinese or chicken kievs and salad. I'm really into well cooked broccoli with butter and salt at the moment".

Sarah Harding

Commercial pop by the singer and ex-member of Girls Aloud, Sarah Nicole Harding.

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