Newt - NeWt 2 feat. Silke Eberhard (4 stars)

Newt - NeWt 2 feat. Silke Eberhard

(F-IRE Presents)

The unconventional Edinburgh-based trio of trombonist Chris Greive, guitarist Graeme Stephen and drummer Chris Wallace already embraces three nationalities (Australia, Scotland and America respectively), and are augmented here by German alto saxophonist and clarinettist Silke Eberhard, courtesy of a Scottish Arts Council grant. She greatly expands the tonal range of the music, and joins wholeheartedly in their no-holds-barred approach to both free and structured improvisation.

The expanded instrumental palette gives them more to play with than on their eponymous debut release, and they make full use of the possibilities. More structured episodes are interspersed with bouts of fiery free improv mayhem, and the effects employed by Greive and Stephen add further layers of intrigue to the mix. Powerful and inventive music of a high order.

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