Deirdre lookalike Sue Nicholls

'Coronation Street' actress Sue Nicholls admits she gets confused with soap character Deirdre Barlow more than she does her own alter-ego Audrey Roberts

Coronation Street actress Sue Nicholls

Dierdre lookalike Sue Nicholls

Sue Nicholls gets confused with Deirdre Barlow.

The 66-year-old actress - who plays hair salon owner Audrey Roberts in the ITV1 soap - admits fans of the show often get her mixed with the show's iconic character Deirdre, played by Anne Kirkbride.

She said: "Mainly people seem to think I'm Deirdre Barlow! They shriek at me, 'Deirdre! Deirdre!'. I think the public get confused because the names Audrey and Deirdre sound quite similar."

Sue has appeared in the show on-and-off since 1979.

Despite over 30 years in front of the camera, the actress is still convinced she can improve her acting skills and often asks her younger co-stars for advice.

She explained: "If anything, I'm the one who goes to them for worldly advice - they know far more than me! One of the younger girls did ask me about going to drama school the other day, as she wanted to improve her technique. I didn't really know what to say, as I don't think you can get any better training than actually doing the job."


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