The Magnificents (4 stars)

Year of Explorers

Tuned and perfected over the couple of years since their eponymous debut, this second album by Edinburgh’s Magnificents is very much worth the wait. It retains the same sense of ballistic urgency as the Edinburgh quintet’s earlier record, yet adds an even greater reliance on the importance of memorable songs.

Some are instantly, gratifyingly catchy, as with the opening ‘Ring Ring Oo Oo’ and the possibly slightly ironic Abba meets Rocky Horror Show shtick of ‘Yellow Hand’, while others – ‘Can’t Explode’, for example, or the title track – are slow-burners rewarded by multiple listens. Increasing cult success is well deserved on this effort, and on one of the year’s outright best song titles – track four, ‘No Dialogue with C**ts’.

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