Exposure: Kassidy

Exposure: Kassidy

What happens when you mix multi-layered acoustic guitars, blues, boogie rock and add a hint of country? You get four piece Glaswegian band Kassidy. Named after Butch Cassidy, but dropping the C for a K to avoid confusion with the American rapper of the same name, these twenty-something rockers are rapidly gathering a loyal fanbase. Drawing inspiration from everything from hard rock to Latin acoustic guitar riffs these musicians are creating a unique type of indie rock that makes it difficult to pigeonhole them alongside other bands.

Lead singer Barrie James O'Neill explains how Kassidy find their unique sound.

How do you create your music?

Usually one person will bring the basic idea and we'll start jamming. Then someone will hit something that'll just click, and we'll be able to finish it together. We like to keep it collaborative.

What was it like working with Jim Abbiss on your album?

It was incredible. It was great to get the opportunity to be 21/22 and work with a guy who has knowledge like that, and just inhaling in everything he says. The guys renowned for so many great albums.

You were recently shooting a video in Spain, how was that?

It was great to get away. We like to treat it as a bit of a holiday, but you don't want to appear like you're having too much fun because they'll remind you it's not a holiday - they like to smack the fun out of it. But we all worked hard and I think we did a really good job.

Have you got any funny stories from the trip to share?

One night I got so drunk I lost the room key. I went down to the desk to get a spare, however, the next day someone told me that I went down to reception with a t-shirt on and nothing else - so that was embarrassing, but I guess pretty funny as well.

Has any gig whilst you were on tour stood out?

I really, really enjoyed the Roundhouse in London. It's a brilliant psychedelic venue. It was the biggest crowd we'd ever played in front of - 1500 people. And to be on the same stage that The Doors played on was a personal achievement for me.

Are you excited about performing at T in the Park this year?

We're delighted to be back again - especially given that we're not massive. The King Tut's tent is such a big stage for bands to play before they start getting bigger. It's a great experience, we're putting everything in the pot for that gig. It'll feel like a great achievement when we get there.

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