Hollyoaks to cover GID

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  • 1 July 2010
Hollyoaks newcomer Victoria Atkin

Hollyoaks newcomer Victoria Atkin

'Hollyoaks' is set to cover a new storyline about gender identity after confused new character Jasmine Costello arrives in the village

'Hollyoaks' is set to cover a gender identity storyline with new character Jasmine Costello.

The pretty blonde student - who will be played by Victoria Atkin - will cause a stir this summer when she arrives in the village from an American summer camp, and battles to keep her problems with Gender Identity Disorder (GID) secret from her family.

Through GID, Jasmine has the body of a woman but desperately wants to be a man.

News series producer Paul Marquess said: "I am proud that 'Hollyoaks' is able to tackle the issue of GID and the effect the condition has on the families. Around one in 4,000 people in Britain are receiving medical help for Gender Dysphoria and if we can bring the issue to the forefront to help more young people identify and talk about the condition, then I believe that can only be a positive thing."

Jasmine is part of Jem Costello's (Helen Russell Clark) family, who are about to follow her lead and move into the village and apparently into The Dog in the Pond.

The spoilt character - who is the youngest daughter - will have a turbulent time ahead as she battles to hide her secret life as her male alter-ego Jason and feelings of disgust and frustration at being in the wrong body from her parents.

Paul recently revealed: "The Costellos are really, really core I think. Really important. The pub has got to be somewhere we all want to be. I'm a big fan of the Ashworths, but even they agree they've had some really tough storylines. It's time to inject a bit of glamour into the Dog in the Pond.

"Now you've got the Costellos where the kids are still reliant on their parents. What they do affect their parents and what their parents do affect them. And of course they arrive with a big secret."

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