John James's BB row worries

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  • 1 July 2010
John James

John James

'Big Brother' contestant John James worries he will be seen in a bad light by viewers after dumping Sunshine in to the pool

John James is worried about what how he will be perceived after his fight with Sunshine last night (30.06.10)

The hunky retired bodybuilder upset the pretty medical student by dragging her through the living area causing carpet burns and dumping her in the pool after she had thrown water over him in the bedroom.

After an upset Sunshine, 24 threatened to quit the house following the incident, John James revealed he is worried that "a bit of flirting that got out of control" could be misinterpreted be viewers.

Vegan medic Sunshine, also accused John James of exposing her private parts to the camera when he dropped her in the pool.

She shouted: "I kinda have to be a doctor and that's going out on TV."

The 24-year-old Australian was angered as he believed Sunshine had caused the fight.

He ranted "Everything that we've done you have started. I don't find it funny when you come over to me and pour a bottle of water on me. Don't start something that you can't finish."

Housemates had their own take on the matter with Ife saying: "She enjoys feeling sorry for herself."

Corin added: "He never meant to hurt her, though. It's like two kids who fancy each other and they take it a step too far."

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