Ben fails Tree BB task

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  • 1 July 2010
Big Brother housemate Ben


'Big Brother' housemate Ben is set to face the wrath of the Tree of Temptation today (01.07.10) after failing his arm-wrestling task

Ben is set to face the wrath of the Tree of Temptation after failing his arm-wrestling task.

The posh Londoner was scolded in the bathroom after he failed to complete his secret mission, which would have seen his fellow housemates reunited with their suitcases.

The Tree told him in the bathroom: "What you playing at quiff head? I told you to man up. I offered you everyone's suitcases back and you bottled it."

Ben had been set the challenge of organising an arm-wrestling competition amongst his housemates.

If he beat a girl, convinced them he was his boarding school's champion at the sport and used lots of "street slang", his housemates would be reunited with their missing suitcases.

However, Ben failed to make an impact.

He responded to the Tree: "Look, Tree of Temptation, you must be really stupid, because if I went around asking everyone for an arm wrestling competition, they'd know something's up."

The bolshie talking plant told the writer he was fed up with him, and that he must return to the bathroom to receive his cryptic punishment this morning.

After Ben retaliated once more, the Tree told him to: "P**s off, posh git!"

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