BB contestants party with booze

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  • 1 July 2010
Josie wears the tea cosy

Josie wears the tea cosy

'Big Brother' housemates partied last night (30.06.10) after being given alcohol for completing their 'Experiment Human Nature' task

'Big Brother' housemates partied last night (30.06.10), after winning alcohol in 'Experiment Human Nature'.

The contestants were individually called into a room which included only a chair and a tea cosy - and given no instructions.

The object of the task was for housemates to place the tea cosy on their heads - but only Josie and Nathan seemingly understood and completed their challenge in less than a minute.

Corin spent her time memorising the pattern on the knitted pink and white warmer, while pretty medical student Sunshine told Big Brother about her day and Christian minister Dave took the opportunity to have a nap.

While the majority of housemates were thrilled with the alcohol, Shabby was disappointed because she had lost her individual challenge.

The lesbian squatter had been set the task of predicting who would give in and touch the cosy first - but wrongly chose Sunshine.

The evening got even trickier for the aspiring actress, as she later spent the evening bickering about her feelings with the object of her desires, Irish student Caoimhe.

Caoimhe told her: "I don't know what to do 'cos I feel so awkward."

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