Various Artists (3 stars)

Neon Nights

In these heady days of nu rave saturation, when it is once again acceptable to be seen gurning while clutching a glo-stick, it’s easy to forget that there were indie-dance bands long before the NME reached for its big book of genres. At first glance the Neon Nights mixtape could be easily tossed aside as an A-Z of who happens to be hip, with Kate Nash and The Gossip snuggling up with New Young Pony Club and Hadouken! The latter are, in this humble scribe’s opinion, a testicle-grinding sonic abomination but they still look set to be massive by November. Most of the rest – particularly the gameboy death squeals of Crystal Castles – are far better, but few have anything to do with the ‘neon’ genre-reassignment of the past year.

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