Shabby threatens to leave BB

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 June 2010


Shabby has threatened to walk out of the 'Big Brother' house if the object of her affections - Irish student Caoimhe - is evicted on Friday (30.06.10)

Shabby has said she wants to leave the 'Big Brother' house if Caoimhe is evicted.

The aspiring actress - who is up for eviction alongside trainee medic Sunshine and Irish student Caoimhe after David dodged the public vote in the 'Save and Replace' task yesterday (29.06.10) - told John James she would not be happy continuing on the reality TV show if her best friend gets the boot on Friday (02.07.10).

While John James suggested she just enjoys the next three days, Shabby went on to air her concerns to her fellow nominee - after telling Big Brother she wants to go.

She told Caoimhe: "I've told them I want to leave because I don't want to be here, babe. "

When the student suggested she waited until Friday before making any decisions, Shabby replied: "I don't think I want to. There's a lot of reasons. But they don't make it easy to leave at all.

"I don't want to talk to anybody. All this false f*****g happiness, I don't believe it. I'm not going to push my f*****g morals aside to stay in here."

However, after much deliberation, she decided to stay in the 'Big Brother' house and revealed her true feelings to the pretty brunette.

She confessed: "It's got worse. I don't have a crush. I really like you, which is more."

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