The Coral (3 stars)

Roots and Echoes

Having first been patronised by Oasis and now benefiting from a support slot on Arctic Monkeys’ summer tour, The Coral seem like a band who are destined to live in the shadow of those who define their era. The temporary departure of one of their founding members Bill Ryder-Jones and the sabbatical during the interim couldn’t have helped, but this fourth album simply reaffirms their status as a good band, rather than a great one.

The Scouse septet haven’t moved on much from the pilfering of their parents’ record collections, which is no bad thing, because their fluid mixture of The Beatles, Buffalo Springfield and Captain Beefheart has served them well so far. This, however, is a more pastoral affair, with only the tunesome ‘Who’s Gonna Find You’, the brisk guitar pop of ‘In the Rain’, and the great 13th Floor Elevators shuffle of ‘Music at Night’ offering some respite from a near onslaught of proficient balladry.

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