Coheed and Cambria (4 stars)

Coheed and Cambria

ABC, Glasgow, Thu 22 Jun

The bigger, the better they say. Coheed and Cambria embody this saying well. Tonight they’ve got rollercoaster riffs that loop and lurch, a expansive and dreamlike video display in the background, and yes, they’ve got the massive hair too.

Frontman Claudio Sanchez’s notoriously nest-like hair is draped over his face as they open with the brooding ‘One’, but as their kinetic pop-punk side comes out, the hair is tied back into bunches as if to shield it from any flying debris.

But as is often the way, it’s with the hits that frenzy ensues. ‘The Suffering’ – one of few tracks in the world that could easily have two choruses – is this band at their very best, with progressive nuances, singalongs, and well, plenty of fun too. ‘Welcome Home’ however is foam-at-the-mouth material, played as the closing track after willing chants from the crowd. It’s a lurching end to a tiptoed night but it’s a succinct example of this band’s big sound – and you know what they say ...

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