Olympic Swimmers (3 stars)

Olympic Swimmers

Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Fri 25 Jun

Twenty-five minutes in and Olympic Swimmers’ singer and keyboard player Susie Liddell nervously declares ‘We usually finish here.’ But this is a headline set, and you can almost feel the pressure of the very peak of the bill threatening to give the band nosebleeds. So the blonde Liddell and her boys soldier on gamely for a few more songs (although they’re hardly beginners, featuring members of Take a Worm for a Walk Week and Piano Bar Fight in their number) and are rewarded with a reception that’s warm and welcoming. The Glasgow quintet are among friends, so much so that the parents of Liddell and her brother Simon, also in the band, were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary here.

Such homeliness suits them. Liddell’s voice isn’t powerful but is rich and reassuringly folky, while the music is entrenched in the band’s local indie heritage, from the rising guitar chime of ‘A Curse or a Blessing’ to the delicate twinkle of ‘Fights We Lost’. ‘We’ve got no more songs,’ apologises Liddell as they leave without encore. They’ve got enough.

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