Mitchell Museum - The Peters Port Memorial Service (4 stars)

Mitchell Museum - The Peters Port Memorial Service

(Electra French)

In spite of their bookish, nigh-on twee designate, Glasgow four-piece Mitchell Museum swerve any suspected B&S insinuations and instead deliver a loveable bluster of swaggering, jangly rock’n’roll. ‘Tiger Heartbeat’ and ‘No. 3’ are particular stand-outs from a lively, auspicious twisted-pop debut.

Comparisons to US alt-rockers Animal Collective, They Might Be Giants and the Flaming Lips aren’t far off the mark, (Cammy MacFarlane’s vocals boast more than a touch of the Wayne Coyne at times), but nor are references to low-slung Brit rockers The Seahorses – no, come back – check out rousing current single and radio favourite ‘Warning Bells’ for further evidence.


1. John D.30 Jun 2010, 3:02pm5 stars Mitchell Museum - The Peters Port Memorial Service Report

I remember being very taken with "Warning Bells" when I first heard it on Mitchell Museum's MySpace a wee while back - surely it's more more Beta Band than Seahorses though?

Mitchell Museum will be performing at the Pin Ups Festival at the Flying Duck on Friday 30th July.

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