BB offers cigarette swap

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  • 29 June 2010
Big Brother housemate Shabby


Big Brother has given housemates the opportunity to earn some tobacco, but the non-smokers in the group have questioned why they should do it

The 'Big Brother' housemates have been given the opportunity to earn some tobacco.

Ife went to Big Brother to request more cigarettes after the group's supplies dwindled and was told she would be given tobacco in exchange for a precious item from each housemate, including non-smokers.

Despite the fact that the non-smokers within the group had been willing to give something up, aspiring actress Shabby - who is a smoker - refused to relinquish her hat to Big Brother, as it was her grandfather's.

She said: "This hat is my look, this hat is me."

The non-smokers then began to question why they should give something up if even Shabby wasn't prepared to do so.

John James stated: "I just don't understand why you expect me to give up one hoody for the entire duration of my stay here when I don't smoke."

Similarly, Ife said: "If Shabby isn't giving up her hat and she is a smoker, then why should she expect any of you non-smokers to give up anything?"

Meanwhile, the housemates were given a rude awakening this morning (29.06.10) when Big Brother turned the lights on in the bedroom and woke Ben up by lifting his mattress up off the floor.

After John James found the incident amusing, Ben retorted: "You're a lovely person but you're so stupid, I've never known anyone with less wit."

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