Denise Johnson needs Enders miracle

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 June 2010
EastEnders actress Diane Parish

Diane Parish who plays Denise Johnson

'EastEnders' actress Diane Parish admits her alter-ego Diane Denise Johnson needs a miracle to survive a vicious attack by her religious, murderer husband

Diane Parish thinks it will be a "miracle" if her 'EastEnders' character isn't murdered by her husband.

The actress - who portrays Denise Johnson in the BBC One soap - admits her alter-ego has troublesome times ahead, after her murderer spouse Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet) takes her hostage in his car and tells her he killed his ex-wife and her ex-husband.

She said: "Lucas is so calm that it's eerie. He tells her that today is a special day and she's going to be baptised. Denise has always struggled with his religious fervour, but tries to play along because he really could do anything at all. Goodness knows what he's got up his sleeve for dealing with her."

He then tells his spouse he's going to put her through the religious ceremony in a lake, but she manages to stand up to him - and is forced to face the consequences of his bad temper.

She explained to Inside Soap magazine: "At that point, Lucas snaps and attacks her. It looks really bad as he gets Denise in a headlock and chokes her. If she survives, it'll be a miracle."

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