Kym Marsh's HD discomfort

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  • 29 June 2010
Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh has admitted she and her 'Coronation Street' co-stars all hate filming in ''unflattering'' high-definition

Kym Marsh hates filming in high-definition.

The actress - who plays barmaid Michelle Connor in 'Coronation Street' - admits she feels under extra scrutiny now the soap has switched to using the technology, which provides viewers with sharper focus and clearer images.

She wrote in her column for new! magazine: "We've started filming in high-definition, which we all hate because you can see every line, wrinkle and spot. It¹s not very flattering, but we¹ve got to move with the times and produce the quality you¹d expect from a top soap."

Although she isn't enjoying new filming techniques, Kym thinks her character is looking better than ever now her alter ego has had a costume makeover.

She added: "I¹ve been lucky lately, as Michelle has had a wardrobe overhaul and has got lots of nice new clothes."

Unlike Kym, her co-star Keith Duffy - who plays barman Ciaran McCarthy - shows no sign of embarrassment with high-definition filming as he was comfortable filming scenes in just his underwear recently.

Kym explained: "Keith Duffy gets his kit off on 'Corrie' next week! His character Ciaran pesters Michelle saying he¹ll cook her the best meal she¹s ever tasted and, if it isn¹t, he¹ll do a shift at The Rovers in just his boxers. Typically, he burns the chicken! We were crying with laughter as he shot those scenes.

"Keith had been going to the gym for three weeks beforehand to get in shape. I¹d have been mortified, but Keith took it in his stride. I don¹t think there¹s much that embarrasses him!"

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