Steve's birthday treat

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  • 28 June 2010


Big Brother gave Steve a birthday party with Indian takeaway, a Karaoke machine and a group discussion on the ex-serviceman's life

Steve was questioned by his housemates at his birthday party last night (27.06.10).

The 41-year-old ex-serviceman was treated to a party by Big Brother, but before the group could serenade him on the Karaoke machine they were given, they all had to ask something, starting with the sentence "Steve, what I want to ask you on your birthday is."

Among the facts the housemates learned were that Steve's favourite film is 'We Were Soldiers', he lost his virginity "too young", his favourite life moment is "surviving it" and his favourite tattoo is the one depicting the bomb that lost him his legs because it was "laughing in the face of adversity".

Ben questioned the popular housemate on his childhood, asking what was the "wickedest" thing he had done.

Steve replied: "Probably cut all of my sister's dolls hair off, I just felt like it... I was 25. Steve joked back. "To get me back, she stabbed me with a fork."

The dad-of-eight also thrilled the rest of the house when asked what he had most learned about himself during his time on the show.

He said: "Getting on with different people. People you wouldn't normally mix with, that I wouldn't think anything of - I'm not lying.

"As a group of people you've been f*****g ace."

As a further birthday treat, Big Brother served up an Indian takeaway, with a special vegan pizza for Sunshine.

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