Russell Brand's proud mother

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  • 27 June 2010
Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Russell Brand claims his mother is ''proud'' that he has been given awards for his old womanising ways

Russell Brand claims his mother was "proud" of his womanising.

The 35-year-old British comic - who is engaged to singer Katy Perry - insists his mum was delighted his well-publicised pursuit of the opposite sex led to him winning an award three years running.

He boasted: "Three years as Sh****r of the Year. My mother is proud of me."

However, the 'Get Him To The Greek' star insists Katy is now the only woman for him and thinks of them as married already.

He said: "I love her. She's a spiritual, powerful person.

"I call her my wife already, it's nice. I'm quite excited about it when I think about it now, but sometimes you're nervous, of course."

Russell recently admitted being in a relationship is so new to him, he has had to consult celebrity friends David Walliams and Noel Gallagher for advice on how to make his romance last.

He explained: "I spoke to David Walliams and he said, 'Oh it's difficult because you have to agree on everything' but my advice from Noel Gallagher was to say yes to everything, not just weddings but in relationships too.

"I asked Noel how to get by in a relationship and he said, 'Just say yes to everything they say'. It works, I've been using that system and it's working well.

"Then Walliams yesterday added, 'Don't act like you don't care though'. Instead, you have to be like this, 'Oh that seems good to me', so I'm just agreeing to things - while caring about them."

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