BB food punishment stopped

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  • 26 June 2010

Josie to get Day of Heaven

'Big Brother' housemates are delighted after their basic food rationing punishment was lifted

Big Brother has ended basic food rationing for the housemates.

The group - who had their luxury budget taken away after two instances of rule breaking earlier this week - were thrilled to be told they would be given pizzas for dinner and though they wouldn't get their full shopping budget back, there would also be a delivery of economy goods" for the week ahead.

Calling them to the sofas, Big Brother said: "Big Brother hopes that the housemates have learnt their lesson, and warns that in future the punishment will be worse."

The group cheered and screamed as they ran to the storeroom to retrieve their goodies, which included a special cheese-free pizza for Sunshine.

Corin said: "Thanks you Big Brother. We'll never be ungrateful again."

The boosted shopping wasn't the only good news for one of the housemates.

Josie will receive a Day of Heaven today (26.06.10) after being selected by evicted pal Govan.

After the voluntary worker made his choice - briefly contemplating giving Ben a Day of Hell - Bob Righter's eyes lit up in the house, before leaving the message: "Bob Righter's eyes are full of fire, for Josie tomorrow her heart's desire."

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