Russell Brand not in control

Russell Brand admires fiancée Katy Perry's determination and would never tell her what to do

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Russell Brand would never tell Katy Perry what to do.

The British star - who got engaged to the singer in December after three months of dating - is proud of his fiancee's exhibitionist ways and doesn't think he has any right to tell her to change her behaviour.

He said: "Katy does exactly what she likes. If I didn't want her to do anything like strip off, I may as well argue with a cloud.

"Did you see those pictures of her naked? Great weren't they? Even if I did want her to stop doing things like that when we are married it wouldn't be my place."

Russell - who was previously famed for his womanising ways - is also amazed at how much more attention he gets from females now he is with Katy.

He added: You hear that some women think once you are in a relationship it makes you more attractive.

"It seemed to me that they like it now I'm engaged, or I didn't need to have tried so hard for the last 10 years.

"I think I've made it perfectly clear I'm in love with one woman now. There isn't room for anyone else."

Katy Perry

Sassy but cynically marketed style-over-content pop from the 'I Kissed a Girl' songstress on her Prismatic world tour.


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