BB contestants punished with budget

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  • 24 June 2010
Big Brother housemate Shabby

Shabby accused of rule breaking

The 'Big Brother' contestants were left upset after being told they would have to live on basic rations as punishment for rule breaking, despite passing this week's task

The 'Big Brother' contestants have had their shopping money taken away because of rule breaking.

The housemates were thrilled to learn they had been awarded £500 for passing the Lego key task - only to be told they couldn't have the money and would have to live on basic rations due to two separate incidents.

Big Brother told the group: "Yesterday at 2.12pm, where Shabby and Govan talked in code, by using the word pasta" when picking who to select in the Save and Replace task, with Shabby choosing Mario.

Explaining the second incident, he added: "Today at 4.42pm; John James, Shabby, Ife and Caoimhe had a conversation about nominations. Shabby said she knew who Ben nominated as he talked in code, with John James saying, 'This could make it easier to nominate next week'."

This referred to Shabby explaining how Ben used a code to imply he nominated Sunshine in the first week.

The group later decided to hold a meeting to discuss their rule breaking.

As they gathered on the sofa, Steve said: "Let's get serious, we f****d up... we're here as a team... we've got to curb what we're thinking... nobody gets any blame."

Shabby then infuriated the rest of the group by claiming "everybody discusses nominations at some point", before claiming Big Brother had "twisted" what she originally said.

Some of the housemates even suggested the task had deliberately being "fixed" so they would be punished, as they were given longer than the allotted two hours to complete the Lego key task.

John James said: "They knew they were going to do this. They only brought up our conversation to make a point. They gave them extra time on the task this afternoon, so that they would know they'd wasted their time. The timings didn't add up."

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