T in the Park 2010: Festival insider - Crae Caldwell

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  • 24 June 2010
T in the Park: Festival insider - Crae Caldwell

Crae Caldwell

Crae Caldwell

DFC Artist Production

How many TITP’s have you been to?

Favourite festival moment?
Standing on the Slam Stage with The Chemical Brothers making the whoopee with the lasers.

What items will you definitely be taking with you this year?
Waterproofs, comfy boots, sun cream, laptop, t-shirt that says ‘it wasn’t my fault’ and a small monkey to fetch and carry for me.

What gets you through a hangover?
Water, Berocca … and someone to blame!

Which acts are you most excited about seeing this year?
Muse and the mighty Plastikman.

Any on-site memories you’d care to share?
Having an artist, who was known to be easily ‘distracted’, imminently due onstage, go round the nearby roundabout ten times until we were ready for them onstage, so they didn’t get ‘distracted’ in the dressing room area. Then straight out the car, on to the stage … voila! Only festival that year when said act was onstage on time.

T in the Park, in a nutshell?
Hard work, mental at points, but always fantastic fun.

T in the Park

From relatively humble beginnings, T in the Park has become the acknowledged behemoth of the Scottish festival scene and one of the UK's largest events. In 2015 the festival moved from its longstanding Balado location to the new grounds of Strathallan Castle in Perthshire. Bands appearing in 2016 include The Stone…

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