T in the Park 2010: T Break Stage's Ones to Watch

T in the Park: Ones to watch on the 2010 T Break stage

Three Blind Wolves

Night Noise Team
This Edinburgh quartet have played Limbo three times now and get better every time. Current killer ‘You Won’ sounds like Chic being fronted by Morrissey but that’s only half the story, as Parisian groove machine Fabien Pinardon and Belfast songwriter Sean Ormsby (the core duo) have more tricks still falling from their well-tailored sleeves.

Three Blind Wolves
When Three Blind Wolves last played Limbo in February (they appeared once before as Ross Clark & The Scarfs Go Missing), they brought the room to fever pitch with a very postmodern mix of 60s rockabilly, 70s rock (gods) and Ross’s distinctive, 50s-style tremolo. These wolves howl strong.

Be Like Pablo
I’ve not seen them before but Forres quintet Be Like Pablo would definitely get a gig at Limbo. They appeal to the poppier end of our taste (The Beach Boys via Teenage Fanclub), they seem to have a good sense of humour and recent single ‘Julianne’ has catchy hooks, great melodies and sounds like a massive hit.

Kobi Onyame
I’d never heard of Ghanaian/Glaswegian hip hop/rap/soul artist Kobi Onyame but he clearly has massive pop potential. ‘Nobody Fault But Mine’ mines a familiar seam but sounds good, with a slow flow over a vintage Nina Simone sample, while ‘He Said She Said’ (with award-winning rapper Sway) is even more like daytime radio material. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this guy goes all the way.

Mitchell Museum
Mitchell Museum have played Limbo twice and are one of our favourite bands in Scotland. They don’t take themselves at all seriously and really know how to enjoy themselves on stage – with bad jokes, clowning and unscripted banter, all of which is totally infectious. The music they make is equally riotously fun-loving: a lysergic jaunt down richly orchestrated paths, with jubilant fanfares. If you only see one band at T Break this year, make sure it’s this one. Brilliant, new wave, pop ‘n’ roll.

Hobbes, DJ/ Music Promoter (Limbo, Trouble)

http://black-spring.com/limbo, www.getintotrouble.com

All four bands play T Break at this year’s T in the Park.

T in the Park

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