Corrie twists for Holly Quin-Ankrah

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  • 23 June 2010
Red Dwarf actor Craig Charles

Coronation Street actor Craig Charles

'Coronation Street' newcomer Holly Quin-Ankrah admits there are plenty of ''twists and turns'' coming up for her lap-dancer character Cheryl Gray

'Coronation Street's Holly Quin-Ankrah has plenty of "twists" coming up.

Actress Cheryl Gray is thrilled about her role as Lloyd Mullaney (Craig Charles)'s lap-dancer love interest and can't wait for "exciting" but confusing new plots.

She said: "It's been a great storyline to go into and there's lots of great stuff in store.

"There are so many twists and turns it's exciting for me even to read the script, but it won't be as straightforward as people would imagine. There are relationship woes coming up with husband Chris - who she's with now - and turbulent times ahead. It's certainly worth watching."

In an upcoming twist, Lloyd will end up hiding the sexy character in his home after she confesses to him her husband has been beating her up.

Despite enjoying playing the saucy character, Holly would never take up lap-dancing herself, because she is too self-conscious to flaunt her body.

She added to the Liverpool Echo newspaper: "I know girls who do it as a job and that's great but I've never fancied it myself. If you're body conscious it's not the best thing to do - and I am. I've got a very large bottom!"

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