Colin Potter & Michael Begg - Fragile Pitches (4 stars)

Colin Potter & Michael Begg - Fragile Pitches


When this unholy alliance of Nurse With Wound associate Potter and Human Greed’s Begg saw out 2009 at Edinburgh’s St Giles’ Cathedral with an electronically manipulated 90-minute sound installation, the densely textured, extended rumbles conjured up sounded like spirit-voices calling from the Earth’s core.

This two CD document – based on the trinity of fire, light and space that gifted the Hogmanay event its anagrammatic title (Fragile Pitches) – captures the experience’s ancient-meets-sci-fi surround-sound elemental foreboding, if not its promenading visual glory. With each track named after one of the Pentland Hills, this is best listened to on headphones in a monument of your choice after dark.