Caoimhe's Tree punishment

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 June 2010


'Big Brother' housemate Caoimhe is being punished by the Tree of Temptation for Shabby's rule-breaking

Caoimhe is being punished for Shabby's rule breaking.

The pretty Irish student is set to face the wrath of the Tree of Temptation, after the squatter told her their romantic meal for two was part of a secret task she had been set.

Shabby was summoned into the Diary Room this morning and scolded for her behaviour, before being told to visit the tree - which is hidden in the bathroom - with Caoimhe.

The tree said: "You were told in no uncertain terms, Scabby, to not tell anyone else about me or our little chat.

"Well Scabby Katchadourian, it's time to tell you to feel the wrath of the Tree of Temptation. I know it's all about you in your world, it's all you, you, you. Well because of it, it's not going to be you, it's going to be your little friend, she will be called to the Diary Room later.

"Now listen up and listen good, if either of you tell anyone else of me... you will feel the true wrath of the Tree of Temptation."

The pair launched their own attack on the tree, calling him "spiteful".

While the duo were left rowing with the tree, other housemates were discussing medical student Sunshine's behaviour.

Yorkshire joiner Nathan told Ife: "I think she puts on a show when there's all of us.

"She speaks in that over-exaggerated voice. She couldn't act like that in a hospital full of medics.

"I bet she's completely different out there to in here."

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