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  • 21 June 2010
George Lamb

George Lamb's sexy dad

George Lamb's dad Larry Lamb was so popular with the female teachers at his school, that he was banned from attending parents' evenings

George Lamb's dad was so popular with teachers at his school his mum banned him from parents' evening.

The 30-year old 'Big Brother's Little Brother' presenter - whose hunky father Larry Lamb played TV baddie Archie Mitchell in 'EastEnders' - admits his mother stopped him from visiting the school because teachers kept flirting with him.

George told BANG showbiz: "It's bonkers, man. I pale into insignificance when Archie Mitchell's around.

"If only it was kept exclusively to the latter stages to his life. I've been having this since I was a little boy with the mums at school and the teachers. My mum stopped him from coming to parents evening. So yeah, dad got banned!"

However, the TV presenter is grateful his dad has passed down some of the Lamb family good looks to him.

Speaking at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S phone at London's Altitude bar, he said: "It's just good genes, I guess, somewhere down the line. He's a very handsome man and he's fortunately bestowed a little bit of that on me, but he hasn't done anything to get it."

George went on to add that Larry "enjoys the attention" his celebrity status brings him following high-profile appearances in 'EastEnders' and 'Gavin and Stacey'.

He said: "He has a nice life and he enjoys the attention, so I'm glad he's back in the limelight and getting more of it."

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