Ben and Dave have mental chat

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  • 20 June 2010
Big Brother housemate Ben


'Big Brother' contestants Ben and Dave have discussed the psychological state of their other housemates

Ben has pondered about the mental states of his 'Big Brother' housemates.

The posh housemate and Welsh contestant Dave discussed whether or not anyone in the house gave psychologists worry when they entered the house.

Dave said: "I think initially they were concerned about me because I hadn't slept and stuff. I think definitely Rachel because of her situation with John, John having a go at her regularly... but some of the girls have been in the Diary Room crying."

Ben then wondered if not going into the Diary Room was a good sign, as he has rarely been called in, saying: "In a funny way, is that a compliment?"

The pair then moved on to chatting about future nominations.

Dave said: "I think Monday, nomination time, there could be a blow-up again. I think today has been a regrouping."

Ben responded: "Think it's been people papering over the cracks."

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