BB nominees dread eviction

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  • 18 June 2010

Rachael worries about Eviction

Nominated housemates Rachael and Shabby are terrified they could be the first 'Big Brother' contestant to be given the boot

Rachael and Shabby have been questioning their possible eviction tonight (18.06.10).

The three nominated housemates - who are also up against Sunshine - have been pondering what it would feel like to be the first person kicked out the compound, with 24-year-old squatter Shabby admitting it would be like "social suicide".

Talking to Beyonce Knowles lookalike Rachael about a discussion she had with Big Brother, she said: "How do you think I feel? It's social suicide! Maybe if I vomit I'll feel better."

However, the former child actress is looking forward to reuniting with "one person", although she worries her mother will be disappointed with her.

She explained: "There is one person I want there and it's definitely not my mother.

"She'll just be terribly disappointed."

Last night (17.06.10), Rachael admitted she felt like she hadn't got the most out of the competition yet.

She told Ben, Mario and Steve: "I feel like there's so much more I want to do. I've not really got to know everyone. I knew from the start that I had no chance of winning.

"I told me friends, if I'm up for eviction the first week then I'll be going. And now I am. I mean, not because the housemates voted for me, but I'll still probably go."

Meanwhile the group has been set a special World Cup challenge which will involve them blowing vuvuzela trumpets continuously for 90-minutes, winning a special barbeque if they pass.

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