Corin's secret BB suitcase task

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  • 18 June 2010
Corin takes part in Munchermind


Corin has won fellow 'Big Brother' housemate Rachael her suitcase back in a secret task, where she had to tell a lie to each of her fellow contestants

Corin has won Rachael her suitcase back from 'Big Brother' in a secret task.

At 9pm last night, the Tree of Temptation challenged the 29-year-old Katie Price lookalike to tell every one of her housemates a lie in order to win back a suitcase belonging to a pal of her choice.

The retail worker from Stockport started off by telling Rachael she'd never used a washing machine, before whispering to Big Brother in her microphone: "That's me first lie. God knows what else I'm going to say."

But it would appear Corin had no trouble in making up tales to tell her fellow contestants.

She then told 24-year-old lesbian squatter Shabby: "I'm allergic to washing powder, I hope I don't come out in a rash tomorrow."

The fibs continued, with Corin going on to tell Steve she was allergic to nail polish, she claimed to Josie she had never tried tea and even told Mario that she had eaten some rubbish she had found in the garden.

Allergies continued to be key to her lies, with Corin telling the rest of the group she was also allergic to mushrooms and certain cosmetic products.

The 29-year-old widow went on to inform medical student Sunshine she hadn't been able to go to the toilet while in the house, due to going for colonic irrigations once a month, and told Dave she once got sacked from a job as a lap dancer for "being too friendly to the punters".

The 39-year-old Christian minister from Wales replied: "Well that's just what you're like though, isn't it?"

Her efforts finally paid off when the Tree of Temptation informed her she had been successful and told some "awesome" lies.

She then chose Rachael to receive her suitcase back.

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