ITV rejects Sooty

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  • 18 June 2010

Sooty the puppet

ITV1 has axed a number of children's TV programmes from its main channel

ITV1 is set to axe a number of children's TV programmes including 'The Sooty Show'.

The network has revealed plans to chop iconic programmes - also including 'Emu' and 'Captain Mack' - from its main channel, airing them on their digital channel CITV instead.

The decision has sparked outrage amongst a number of TV stars, with 'The Sooty Show' host Matthew Corbett calling it "a sad day for the country".

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, bosses at ITV have told regulatory body Ofcom they have become "ineffective and inefficient" in airing children's programmes alongside their drama shows aimed at an adult audience.

A spokesman said: "ITV's focus is on continuing to prioritise our investment on the popular CITV channel."

Since it launched in 1955, yellow puppet Sooty and his furry friends Sweep and Soo has appeared on terrestrial TV is several different formats - from the original 'Sooty Show', to 'Sooty and Co' in the 90s, 'Sooty Heights' from 1999-1000 and 'Sooty' from 2001-2004.

The show was founded by Matthew's father Henry - who presented until 1976 when his son took over.

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