Matt Smith almost quit Doctor

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  • 18 June 2010
'Doctor Who' actor Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith almost quit 'Doctor Who' after a week because he feared he wasn't good enough to portray the iconic character

Matt Smith almost quit 'Doctor Who' after a week.

The 27-year-old actor admits he spent his first few days on the set of the cult sci-fi drama worrying he wasn't good enough to portray the iconic character and was constantly phoning his family for reassurance.

He said: "In my first week I rang my dad and went, 'I'm in trouble. There's a lot of stuff to learn. The type of language it is and everything else.' I talked to my dad a lot through my first month.

"I just tried to be brave and to be honest really, which is what every actor tries to do."

Despite his initial nerves Matt has now signed up for a second series and revealed the Timelord's distinctive wardrobe is set to change - because it isn't practical for shooting in cold weather.

Speaking at a pre-screening of tomorrow's (19.06.10) episode in London, he added: "I went for a costume fitting this very morning for next year. I've always said that I think the look will evolve.

"I don't want to say too much but, just practically, we film in November and it's freezing.

"And just a tweed jacket can get a bit cold."

Matt's 22-year-old co-star Karen Gillan - who plays sidekick Amy Pond - was also at the event and joked the actor is in love with her.

She said: "Matt Smith has a massive crush on me. I keep batting him off and I keep saying, 'Please, leave me alone!'

"It does get a bit much sometimes, actually, but I think he's coming to terms with the fact that I'm out of bounds."

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