BB TV task earns 200

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  • 17 June 2010
Corin takes part in Munchermind

Corin takes part in Munchermind

'Big Brother' housemates have picked up £200 towards their shopping budget in two tasks yesterday (16.06.10)

'Big Brother' contestants won £200 in their special shopping budget task yesterday (16.06.10).

Ben and nominated housemate Sunshine took part in the first test-pilot TV show - named 'Old Head, Hot Topic' - where they both had to watch clips of pensioners talking and guess what subject matter they were discussing, picking up £10 for each correct answer.

After seven questions, broadcaster Ben collected up £30, while Sunshine won £20, giving them a first round total of £50.

In the second pilot 'Munchermind', Nathan, Dave, Shabby, Josie, Steve and Corin were sent to the task room where they all stood behind a table.

Before each contestant was a plate with a number of different food items on them, each correlating to an answer to a question asked by Big Brother.

If a contestant failed to eat the correct item or at nothing, they were knocked out of the quiz.

After four rounds of eating marshmallows, caviar, a cupcake and garlic, ex-serviceman Steve, 24-year-old squatter Shabby and trainee joiner Nathan were all knocked out, leaving Dave, Corin and Josie to finish their plates and pick up a total of £150.

By the end of the task, Josie was sick into a bucket, causing the other housemates much amusement.

Although they have won £200 so far, the housemates have the opportunity to earn even more when they take part in their third test show pilot today (17.06.10).

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