Labels of love: Euphonios

Labels of love: Euphonios

Based in

Only a singles label up until now, Euphonios has released short players by Unicorn Kid, Kid Adrift, Think About Life, Come On Gang, Saint Saviour, Tommy Reilly and shortly MOPP. The debut album release, Tommy Reilly’s Hello, I’m Tommy Reilly, is out now.

Jen Anderson, who also works in artist management and for DF Concerts, for whom she helped set up the King Tut’s Recordings label.

Sounds like
‘Whatever I like and think is going to work,’ says Anderson. ‘Unicorn Kid and Kid Adrift are more electronic, for example, and then Tommy Reilly’s completely different again. It’s entirely driven by my taste.’ In each case, Euphonios’ bands are pop-aligned acts with plenty of commercial potential and their own unique selling points.

Why did you start the label?
‘Originally Euphonios was conceived as a street team when I was at uni about six years ago. We’d flyer shows and do promotion for artists – one of the main ones we were involved with was KT Tunstall. When I started working for DF it went by the by, but I decided to restart it as a label purely because I wanted to try something different and to learn how to start one of these things and to keep it going.’

What are your ambitions for Euphonios?
‘To keep it going. And if I see a great band I want to help out and can get involved with, that’s the main thing. There are no set rules at the moment. It’s a bit of a hobby which keeps me interested in new music right now, and of course the advantage of running my own label is that I don’t have to run the bands I sign past anyone, it’s all my choice.’

Kid Adrift

Electro-indie and dance from Glaswegian Iain Campbell and his backing outfit.

Unicorn Kid

Edinburgh-based electro musician.

Unicorn Kid, Sabrepulse, Fly Frankie Fly

Electronica from the Edinburgh-based musician.

Unicorn Kid, Sabreplus

Unicorn Kid+ SabreplusDoors - 7:30 PMTickets - 8Buy Tickets A wee snip of a boy at the tender age of 17, Unicorn Kid AKA Oliver Sabin is a chip music composer and musician. He make most of his tracks on a vintage keyboard and FL Studio using a lot of synthesizers and effects to get that video game sound the genre is…

Active Child, Phantogram, Mopp

Electro and synth music from the Los Angeles-based combo.

Kid Adrift, Psychologist

Electro-indie and dance from Glaswegian Iain Campbell and his backing outfit.

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