Steve's BB break down

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 June 2010


'Big Brother' contestant Steve broke down in the compound yesterday (15.06.10), after getting upset about missing his young daughter

Steve broke down in the 'Big Brother' house yesterday (15.06.10) missing his young daughter.

The former serviceman - who lost his legs and right eye during a bombing in Ireland - had tears in his eyes as he told his fellow housemates he was feeling homesick and missed his eight children.

He told Corin and Sunshine he had a "bit of a wobble" when he thought about his two-year-old daughter.

He explained: "I was in the toilet earlier on and when I looked in the mirror I saw my little girl, and that was it."

However, pretty medical student Sunshine was quick to reassure him his tot would not forget about him fast.

She explained: "Don't worry Steve, she watches you on TV every day so she's OK. she's not going to forget about you!"

The unemployed former serviceman was also urged to stick with the competition by his housemates David and Ben.

Writer and broadcaster Ben added: "Think of all the stuff you could do for your family with that extra bit of money."

Meanwhile, the 14 contestants have been warned to calm down their swearing by Big Brother.

Reading the note to the house, Dave said: "It makes you sound ignorant, inarticulate and stupid, and is not nice to listen to.

"The more you swear, the less you will appear on TV."

Shabby, Ife, Caoimhe and Josie all agreed they had been using an excessive number of expletives and urged the group to help each other stop.

Sales rep Josie added: "I didn't realise how much I swore until I came in here. Can I ask everyone to pick me up on my disgusting language?"

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