George Lamb's BB favourite

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  • 16 June 2010
George Lamb

George Lamb

George Lamb has revealed Steve is already his favourite 'Big Brother' housemate, as he has ''an incredible lust for life''

George Lamb had already picked out Steve as his favourite housemate in this year's 'Big Brother'.

The 30-year-old presenter of spin-off show 'Big Brother's Little Brother' said the father-of-eight - who lost both legs and an eye during a bomb blast in Northern Ireland when he was serving in the army - has "an incredible lust for life".

Speaking at the launch of Samsung's Galaxy 5 mobile phone at London's Altitude bar, he told BANG Showbiz: "I think Steve's a really interesting character and the kind of war hero guy who, despite all the problems he has faced in his life, is still pushing on and has an incredible lust for life and a great attitude.

"It's been interesting watching him and seeing the way he approaches life so that's been really nice."

However, the presenter revealed he is concerned Steve will be nominated by his fellow housemates because of his snoring problem.

He explained: "I don't know if he's going to get through because he's snoring like a nightmare at the moment. They'll keep putting him up if they don't get any sleep and eventually he might go."

George went on to admit viewers won't be seeing him appear in a reality TV programme anytime soon.

When asked if he would ever consider entering the compound, he said: "No, never never. If it gets to the point where I need to be on 'Celebrity Big Brother, I shall be long gone sitting on a beach somewhere having a nice day."

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