Eternal Fags - Eternal Fags (4 stars)

Eternal Fags - Eternal Fags

(At War with False Noise)

If the inmates of Napa State Mental Hospital formed a band after The Cramps visited to play there in 1978, they might have sounded something like Eternal Fags. The tortured yowls and strange austerity of the melodies on songs like ‘Annie’ and ‘The Slug’ certainly conjure images of lunatics triumphant, and opener ‘Forever’ is like the Wipers falling in slow motion up and down an MC Escher staircase while the singer is repeatedly tasered in the back. The album continues on in suitably abstract fashion for just over 17 minutes of edges, yelps and euphoric, imploding riffs. Like a maniac’s bedside table – cracked, packed with wild ideas and well worth a rummage.

Free download at now/upcoming physical release on At War With False Noise, late summer, date tbc

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